Bont Vaypor G Shoe


As simple as we can distill it, the Bont Vaypor G is a road shoe for gravel. Bont has taken their popular Vaypor road cycling shoe and added a light-weight replaceable tread and 2-bolt cleat mounting system. The result is a super-stiff and lightweight shoe that will appeal to gravel riders who want a shoe that fits and feels like a road shoe but lets them ride a 2-bolt pedal system.

But that description totally misses what makes these shoes special. 

Bont has two distinctions that set them apart from other footwear manufacturers.

  1. Their shoes are heat moldable for a custom fit to your foot.
  2. Their carbon footbed wraps up around the edges of your foot much farther than other shoes. We will get to why that is important in a sec, but first, the heat molding.

When you get a brand new pair of Bonts, you can wear them right out of the box but you won't be getting the most out of the shoe. The carbon chassis of the shoe is made out of Epoxy Thermoset Resin. You bake your Bont's in an oven up to 160° which softens the resin and then strap them tightly on your feet to create a perfect custom fit. If you have any hot spots or pain points, you can heat them up again and either re-mold them to your feet or use a tool to shape the shoe. 


Because their heat-molding technology wraps the shoe around your foot, the shoes are intended to fit more snugly than you are probably used to. Even so, the shoes do run a little small. Be sure to use Bont's shoe sizing tool on their website before ordering online. If you do wind up with a shoe that feels a little too small, or if you have a problem area on your foot, it is possible to change the fit quite a bit with a little work. One of our riders had shoes that were a little too small, and the Bont rep worked them with a special tool to stretch them to make them fit. Almost everyone in our test group needed a half-size larger than they usually wear.


The second distinctive feature of Bont shoes is that they don't just have a carbon sole like most shoes, they have a carbon “chassis.” The carbon wraps up around the sides, heel, and toe of your foot to create a cup, not a board. The cup shape of the carbon chassis means the shoe can be MUCH stiffer than another shoe, but with less material. Think of trying to bend a piece of cardboard vs. a cardboard box. The sides stiffen the footbed. This also allows them to make a shoe with an incredibly small 3.6mm stack height to get your foot closer to the pedal. 


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