Rebecca's Private Idaho

"I love my mountain home in Ketchum, Idaho and I want everyone to know the reasons why. Join me for a gravel-strewn, grit-filled, pedal-cranking adventure through breathtaking terrain." - Rebecca Rusch
Rebecca Rusch just recently wrapped up her sixth edition of her Rebecca’s Private Idaho. With the growing gravel scene in the U.S. events such as this are now becoming a go to for any cyclist looking to leave the serious crowd behind and go have some real fun. With any type of gravel good times the beers must be on hand and from the looks of it there was no stone left unturned to allow the riders to really enjoy themselves post ride.
Rebecca got creative last year with the addition of the Queen’s Stage race which is a two day affair on Thursday & Friday prior to the big ride on Sunday. We’re thinking that may be a good addition to your week of events simply because of the scenery on hand you get to ride through. Maybe slide a bit of seriousness to your gravel side for these two days then slip back into the fun zone with all your friends for the big day on Sunday.















Video credit: Adventure Scout Media

Photo credit: Linda Guerrette


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