Time ATAC XC8 Pedal



The Time ATAC 8s are great for riders who want a lot of float and are ok with a high stack-height. They are lighter and less expensive cheaper than Shimano pedals.


We feel like the Shimano XT and XTR pedals are so dominant in 2-hole riding, that any other pedal needs to be compared against them. So when we demoed the Time ATACs, we constantly had to ask ourselves “Why would we buy this pedal instead of a Shimano?”


Let’s start with weight and price. And let’s be honest, you all want to know how heavy and how much. But first, a gripe. Everyone publishes their pedal weights without cleats. This is silly because the cleats from different systems have different weights (For the record, Shimano cleats are 5g per pair. Time cleats are 44g per pair). All of our weights are the combined weight of 2 pedals and 2 cleats.

As you can see the Time ATAC XC 8’s are lighter and less expensive than Shimano’s top of the line pedal (these aren't even Time’s top of the line). The ATAC XC 12 is only 292g for about $170. The economics of Time’s ATAC series actually get better as you go down-market. The lower end of the lineup, the ATAC XC 2 is only $60 and it still weighs less than Shimano's top of the line pedal. The story of Time’s ATAC pedals, across the line, is that they are extremely light but inexpensive. It seems like everyone would ride them if they knew.


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