The times are changing. There seems to be this distinction between cycling, races, events and new non traditional type standard of events. And Gravel seems to be at the forefront. Who seems to be much ahead of the curve is the Dirty Kanza a.k.a. #DK200. In what may seem to have a growth in Gravel in the last few years, at least in SoCal the last few years #DK200 has entered it’s twelfth year with this past weekends Dirty Kanza. In a marketing stand point the common term is “you don’t want to look at where the puck is at but where it’s going.” Dirty Kanza saw where the puck was going more then a decade ago. Their first year at a 200 mile Gravel event saw only 34 participants take place and now they sell out a 2000+ event in only minutes. Twelve years is no short time to achieve this goal but once you witness the community & vibe supporting such event you see that the growth is no accident indeed.


Hearing of stories of Dirty Kanza first that comes to mind is; 200+ miles, mainly all Gravel, no neutral support, very minimal course markings, must download your own GPS map/file, must have your own support crew and of course find your own lodging in a town that isn’t quite set up for an invasion of Gravel enthusiasts. What would make people want to pay a fee to travel to Emporia Kansas for such an event?



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