The HUNKR Goes Gravel


The HUNKR looks to get their feet dirty as they bring on their own style #GravelParty at the upcoming Revolution Bike Fest in Castaic Lake. The route seems to be legit as it was designed by Neil Shirley who surely knows every piece of gravel terrain in the area. Not a full blown gravel ride as it looks to be more of a mixture of paved road, asphalt and dirt a road bike may be a better choice then the full blown gravel steed, well depending on your skill level. Looks like a good time, we’ll be sure to hit it up!


Press Release: It's the 100km you love on a mixed surface (gravel) adventure route. That's 62.14 miles of epic adventure.

Who is HUNKR for in November?

Got a bike, and a hankering for discovery? You’re qualified.  Come on out…there’s 100km of surface just waiting to host your fun (not including the neutral roll out).  Fire through tons of adrenaline pumping descents, and quad firing climbs. This one is a good test whether you’re in it for the distance, the vertical, or the finish time.

Neil Shirley created the route to be the best of Adventure Cycling. November 10th’s course is epic, whether you’re going for your personal best, or just along for the ride. In this case mixed surface is a true description of the fun…gravel loosely translated in the HUNKR fashion = (asphalt, gravel, and dirt). Shirley recommends some hearty tires and back up gear.

Riding the Old Ridge Route is something that can be done on a road bike, but using a tire narrower than a 25mm is not recommended. A 28mm width is preferred, even for those adept at riding their road bike on dirt. Little maintenance has been done on the historical highway in the past couple of decades, so holes, dirt, rocks, and gravel are all going to challenge you and your equipment. Be sure to bring multiple tubes, a patch kit and a pump so you can get yourself back, even with a sidewall cut. There is no cell service out there, so plan accordingly.

  • Register for $69 (24yrs+ & up)
  • *Ages 23 and under $23 or free with a paid "24yrs+"*
  • Cash Prize Purse
  • Revolution Bike Fest general admission included ($20 value)
  • We are excited to announce the November 10 Gravel Route.
  • Of course we will be running support

Read Neil’s Full Article on the Forgotten Highway



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