With all of the new Gravel & mixed surface events popping up the common question is what do I ride? How big of tires do I need? What is the dirt like and how much of the course is dirt? Events in Southern California fall into this category massively as you can take an event such as Belgian Waffle Ride in San Diego which the majority of the riders use a road bike with 28mm tubeless wheels and they are more then likely good. You head 40 miles north/east bound to Temecula though for Gravel vol. 1 and you will want a much different set up.

A group of us went out to pre – ride the course and to get some other opinions about bike set up, where to put our feed stations, etc. The end result was knowing that this is a course more so in the Gravel category then the “mixed surface” type road events. You want bigger tires and if your choice is between a road bike and mountain bike we suggest the mountain bike. It is doable on a road bike though you will have a tougher time in some of the more sandy sections


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