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SPNDX Stampede returns with Vol. 7 as we go back to where it all began for us in Temecula. Enjoy a full pull day of gravel riding and beautiful accommodations at Palumbo Winery October 6th.

The Venue

As true to the makeup to the Stampede events we want to create an atmosphere that is worth your time. No parking lots or bike shops to host our rides but the beautiful Palumbo Winery where the backdrop to your post Stampede ride falls into the more than epic category. Enjoy a top-notch meal with your choice of beer and/or wine and sit back and enjoy our live music on hand. Be sure to be rocking that smile all day post ride as we know you will so you can get great photos and video of the good times as we will have our media crew on hand.



The Ride

This is no death march, bucket list item or some ridiculous monstrosity of an all-day ride. Our rides are on the shorter side in the 45-mile range which still offers up a great challenge as most all of the route is off-road, but hey we don't want you out there all day. We want you to get your ride in and come back to enjoy yourself and we would rather not wait till nightfall to go out and get you. The route through Temecula wine country offers up punchy climbs and scenic views. Don't worry about traffic or any stop lights as our routes are always very rider friendly. We will release our route closer to the date of the event for your viewing and GPS downloading capabilities. 



  Your Bike

This is a Gravel ride so be sure to bring your gravel bike. We suggest tire size in 32 range or larger. Disc brakes are always a plus and have enough gearing to get up some steep pitches. This can be done on a road bike which is not recommended and mountain bikes have been used in our past events as well. Don't worry there's no judgment on our part.

Other Notables
This is a fully supported ride where we will have three support stations on hand to offer you up drinks and treats during the ride. We do time our ride through this is not considered a race of any kind.  We are quite proud of our swag bags which we put together for our riders that you will be more than pleased with. It's the little things we believe. Live music will be on hand post ride at the winery for you to have a drink and sit back while relaxing too. Most important though is that we limit our rides to only 175 riders to keep the quality high so be sure to register before we sell out.
Be sure to follow our facebook.com/spndxstampede for the latest info and videos to keep up to date with the build-up to Vol. 7
Limited Rider Entries Available
9:00 am roll out
7:00 am packet pick up the day of
meal and drink provided post ride
amazingly awesome swag bag for riders
live music post ride
the route will be released closer to date of event (45 miles) ish
true gravel course
Not a race! If you're not having fun you will be asked to leave ;)
www.spandexstampede.com // @spndxstampede